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My first book published by Camel Press, Rough Ride, is now a finalist for the Colorado Author's League Mystery Novel of the Year! Purchase from any of the retailers below! 

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Darcy Moreland is thrilled to be back in her old hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and working as a reporter for the local TV station, KCWY. As a bonus, Zach Horton, an old college friend is station manager and now her boss. On her first assignment covering the carnival midway of Cheyenne Rodeo Days, a body drops from the top of the Ferris wheel inches from her videographer who was lying on the asphalt to get a special shot. Darcy knew the girl and her family which only galvanizes her determination to find the cause of Bridget’s death. Her investigation hits a snag in the form of CPD Detective Hank Nelson, who warns her to stay out of the investigation. Darcy decides Hank is attractive but annoying. She ignores his warnings. Another body drops. Chaos ensues. So far it has been a rough ride. Can Darcy solve both murders by the end of Cheyenne Rodeo Days?

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