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New Beginnings

As 2018 begins, I am thankful for so many things.

My family is well and happy and even though we can't all get together as often as I'd like, I love having them in my life and enjoy seeing them when I can..

My house is finally back together after the Disastrous Ceiling Crash of 2017 and I am once again enjoying wine by the fireplace without plaster dust floating through the air.

But, If I were totally honest, I would have to say I should sort through my office and get it better organized.

I am always amazed seeing authors pictured in their pristine offices, with rows of their own books on neat shelves behind them, interspersed with bits of research memorabilia, and symbols of their writing life.

As you can see, my office is cluttered and comfy, but definitely not pristine.

My desk used to be my father's and with a few creative adjustments, it serves me well with lots of space to spread in.

My bulletin board is actually made from a bajillion wine corks from bottles I have known and loved. I have cards and pictures covering the board with no sense of chronology or order. They keep me company reminding me of friends, family, and fun times. I am mightily blest.

Above the board is a sign I confess I need to look at often. It simply says, "Thou Shalt Not Whine". It used to be in my classroom along with an old classroom desk (retired from service as I was) which I painted red to match my Whippy-Dippy-Writing-Chair. My chiropractor actually wrote out a prescription for me to justify its purchase.

I have some framed art by some wonderful Western artists signed and given to Rog and me when he was on the Cheyenne Frontier Day's Committee, that reminds me daily how much I love Wyoming and living here.

So then I wonder what I would get rid of and I am sentimentally stymied. Everything is precious to me. I know I will eventually have to make room for new projects as they come, but I will always want to save these memories, the flotsam and jetsam, of a cluttered life.

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