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Easter is barely over and in many parts of the country, spring is beginning to blossom.

However, in Wyoming today it is 26 degrees with a 31mph wind. That is a cold blustery spring even for us!

I was looking at my leafless trees swaying in the wind, when the small birdhouse given to us by my mother-in-law caught my eye.

It is a small one, made by a friend of hers out of a gourd, and two seasons has faded its original bright red paint. Obviously, it can only house very small birds, but for two summers birds have chosen it for their home, and we hope it will again house a new family soon.

That to me is what spring is really about. Possibilities.You never know what is coming on the soft air. Which flowers will bloom? Which projects will come to fruition? Which projects will crash and burn? But like the little bird who continues to builds his family's home in this gourd, we take it on faith that things are going to be better, warmer, more prosperous. We open our metaphorical wings and take the chance that this spring will be the best ever. That is what I wish for you this spring. May you dream bigger, fly higher, and land softly. Watch for me. I'll be on the wing with you.

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