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The Real Me

Last night I was having supper with friends and we started talking about my website,, and my blogs.

The general consensus was that I needed to write more blogs and needed to publish them on Facebook so they are more accessible.

I have hesitated to do this because I don't want to intrude on your precious time. My friends pointed out I am not forcing you to read it, and as the song goes: "if you don't happen to like it, pass me by".

Today I am working on getting (future) testimonials for my books. It is, I am told, a way to validate my platform. That is "market speak" and at this point I am just doing what I am told is "best practices".

There are a lot of things about being an author that I never anticipated having to do. Selling myself and asking for favors doesn't come easily to me, but it is part of the territory. So much of life is awkward, uncomfortable, or just plain onerous. There's always going to be stuff that isn't fun.

Looking back, I have never held a job where that wasn't universally true. Out here we say, "Cowboy Up!" meaning, just get it done and stop whining, so this is me trying not to whine. Perhaps with practice it will become easier.

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