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Time Management

As you might have guessed from the dates of my previous blogs, I haven't exactly been a prolific blogger. Part of that was because I couldn't figure out how to notify those of you who subscribed to my blog (thank you so very much, by the way) that I was posting a new blog. I hope to have that corrected now.

Also, as I mentioned in my bio, my husband and I love to travel and have just returned from a river cruise from Budapest to Nuremburg adding a side trip to Venice at the start and another to Munich at the end. We traveled with some good friends and that always makes it more fun.


We have been on the go a lot. Add to that, family and friend's gatherings, plus cheering my oldest granddaughter when she won her division's state championship for 10 and under. She was selected to go to Orlando soon to compete in a National Tournament.

USGA State Champion 10U

Going to the library!

Frontier Days is always fun and my daughter's family comes up for the festivities.

This year, though we had a surprise. Just before the kids were due , the ceiling in our 1930 era home came crashing to the floor. We are still not sure if we are covered or not, let alone who can replicate the decorative plaster and make us whole again.

The sky is falling!

Writing you ask? Well not much. My critique group is working its way through If Walls Could Talk right now, and I have made a small start on my new time travel, but I can't say I have been getting a lot of writing done.

My point is, life happens. We are all visited with good and bad moments and that is what makes up a textured, good life. That is also what make up a textured, good story. Would I rather not had the ceiling fall? Of course! But coupled with going to beautiful places and seeing my family and good friends, I think it all balances out.

I am getting ready to go to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference in early September. That always helps me keep my eyes on the prize. I will try to write more before that happens though.

My daughter gave me a little "thought for the day" flip book and yesterday it said: "I try to take everything just one day at a time, but sometimes they all come crashing at me at once!" I sometimes feel like that.

Here's hoping your days come only one at a time so you can savor each deeply. Now THAT'S time management.

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