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It is Winter in Wyoming and although many people imagine we are buried in snow nine months of the year, that is simply not true. Yes we do have beautiful snows, but they are closely followed by warmer days. The snow melts. We dream again of spring. The snow comes again.

There is a cycle about this that I love. The seasons come bringing their individual magic. I think of writing that way. Every new project I begin brings its own magic. Always I am traveling either physically, or floating through the Internet. Sometimes I get distracted like the dog in Life. "Oh look a squirrel!"

I once spent an entire afternoon learning about toilets in the 16th century. YouTube is a dangerous tool!

I want to use this blog to share with you some of the discoveries I make along the way. I doubt you will be fascinated with all of them but I hope some of them may catch your fancy and add a little texture and imagination.

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